Friday, December 2, 2016

More things from AWS CLI

Exporting RDS Parameter Groups

aws rds --profile aws_profile describe-db-parameters --db-parameter-group-name paramter_group_name

Creating a Read-Replica of an RDS instance

aws rds create-db-instance-read-replica --db-instance-identifier $UPGRADE_TARGET --source-db-instance-identifier $SOURCE_INSTANCE --profile $AWS_PROFILE

Upgrade an RDS instance

aws rds modify-db-instance --db-instance-identifier $UPGRADE_TARGET --engine-version $UPGRADE_VERSION --profile $AWS_PROFILE --allow-major-version-upgrade --apply-immediately

Promote a Read-Replica

aws rds promote-read-replica --db-instance-identifier $UPGRADE_TARGET --profile $AWS_PROFILE

Rename an RDS instance

aws rds modify-db-instance --db-instance-identifier $SOURCE_INSTANCE --new-db-instance-identifier $SOURCE_SAVE_NAME --apply-immediately --profile $AWS_PROFILE

Enable Multi-AZ on an instance

aws rds modify-db-instance --db-instance-identifier $UPGRADE_TARGET --multi-az --apply-immediately --profile $AWS_PROFILE

Finding IPs in a Subnet

aws ec2 describe-network-interfaces --filters "Name=subnet-id,Values=subnet-subnetid" --region region_name

MySQL Queries I don't want to forget

Filterable process list


Replication Commands

show master status;

show slave status\G

Finding old databases

select table_schema, table_name, create_time, datediff( create_time, now()) from tables
   where table_schema like 'filter%' and table_name = 'known_table'
    and  datediff (create_time, now()) <  -7